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2 min readOct 25, 2022


What is the MAXX Freeclaim?

The protocol is creating a free claim $MAXX token airdrop which is specifically designed to give the $MAXX protocol public exposure. The intended purpose of this is to give the crypto community as a whole the ability to receive up to $1,000.00USDT* in $MAXX tokens. This is huge!

How Do I Get My Free $MAXX Tokens?

Great, So you want your free $MAXX? The only thing you need to do to receive the $MAXX token airdrop is hold the tokens from 6 major EVM networks or any of these following chains.

Do They Get Dropped To My Wallet?

This is the opposite of an airdrop, this is a claim. Once we take the snapshot of the wallets on the blockchain you will be required to visit our website and claim in through our dApp that is built into our site. This is the only way to claim your free $MAXX tokens. All other methods or suggestions are a scam so watch out!

EVM Chains MAXX Supports! —

When Can I Get My Freeclaim!?

Soon!, The MAXX Team is currently testing the contracts we have built & all of the functionalities. We will announce through the newsletters when the freeclaim will begin!

How Much $MAXX Can I Earn?

The MAXX Team has allocated 2B tokens to the free claim airdrop! But rumors have been spreading that this amount has been raised to 5B $MAXX Tokens! The freeclaim will allow users to claim up to 2,000,000 $MAXX per. account — and the amount is 200 MAXX per. $1.00

So Much WOW! What can I do now?

While you wait the $MAXX referral system is active & you can begin sharing your link, some of our community members have referred over 250+ users to the website through the referral link! These referral links are very powerful and can give you a bonus of 10% on the deposit the user makes who used your link! So start now! https://maxx.finance/features/earn-free-maxx

Read the Medium article on referrals https://maxxfinance.medium.com/direct-on-chain-referral-system-e180700fc25b

(*the $MAXX token value is subject to dex trading. This airdrop can be more or less depending on how $MAXX will be traded and the amount of maxx you can claim)

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