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4 min readNov 1, 2022


The hottest crypto projects are the ones that revolve around specific trends. In this article, we are going to underline the specific reasons and strategies that we use to find the superior defi protocols that we took note of to build the best project.

There are a few things that people love, great teams who promise & deliver what they promise in a timely fashion. Projects that have a solid core utility that fuels the project. And what we have recently seen is an increase in EVM chains or L1’s that have copied and improved on the ETH chain to create lower fees and faster throughput.

People absolutely love earning rewards through staking, since 2017 staking has been a huge hit and allows users to lock and earn tokens for helping the ecosystem. We noticed that many protocols would create inflation specifically to pay out users that would protect the protocol by staking tokens. This is a brilliant

We also have taken into account the massive increase in value through projects that are utility backed and provide some ecosystem feature that helps DeFi improve and innovate. Taking UNISWAP which was one of the biggest success stories in DeFi allows users to provide liquidity to facilitate trading.

$MAXX project is a combination of these three things with many perks and features, a gamified ecosystem that is supported by the community. An amazing team that provides a safe and secure protocol to use and delivers on time. We have designed MAXX to have a staking feature that is built in to allow users to reward themselves by locking up tokens & staking them over time. Unlike traditional staking systems, our rewards are gamified and made in a way where we can constantly excel in the protocol through its deflationary measures.

Our protocol is also backed by real tangible utility. We will be holding validators on multiple different Layer 1 networks. Liquid Pair stable coin provided to popular networks will allow $MAXX to generate revenue. We will also be creating an incubator for projects & developers to launch new DeFi protocols.

MAXX Finance Ecosystem & Utility

The strategy to become part of the $MAXX ecosystem is simple, Just join the telegram community and become a supporter of $MAXX. We have designed an amazing referral system that will allow you to earn free $MAXX tokens by simply sharing the referral link. Our ecosystem is built to benefit the community instead of a single token founder or promotor. We have created a simple but very useful fair distribution amplifier in which we will allow 40Billion $MAXX tokens to be distributed between the community members early on. This will avoid whale manipulation and give users the ability to obtain an average amount of $MAXX tokens over a period of 60 days once the phase is complete we will distribute the tokens to the DEX and allow for the staking contracts to deploy and start to function.

What can I do to participate?
Awesome! the first thing that you want to do is join our website read the information and follow our social media pages.

How do I get free $MAXX?
Easy, Get $MAXX tokens by simply using your referral code
This unique code will stay on the person's computer that you send it to in a form of a cookie for 365 days. The user that redeems the code and either claim in the amplifier or free claim you will receive a bonus for them using this link.

Become a valuable part of $MAXX
We are a community-driven project which allows the community to promote and spread the message about our protocol. This is the best action that you can do to help $MAXX go viral. Currently, we are pre-viral and not even released yet, so you are very early! Once we go viral both the tokens you received from the free claim amplifier and the referral bonus will be able to get handsomely rewarded!

Wait for the launch!
MAXX will be launching in three stages!
Stage 1 — Freeclaim Airdrop
Stage 2 — The Amplifier
Stage 3 — The Staking Protocol Deployment

Don’t miss out the biggest airdrop, and launch this year! This will be one to look out for :)

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