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4 min readNov 7, 2022


We are finally starting our public testnet! After over a year of hard work, it is finally being rolled out to the community and the public.

We are very excited about this, after going through dozens of people, a handful of developers, and several anxiety & panic attacks, we are finally here!

If this is the first time you are hearing about the protocol, welcome!
MAXX Finance has set out to change the way people interact with blockchain staking protocols. There has been a number of certificate of deposit time locked staking systems in the past, but many have failed by various shortfallings.

The major issues on other protocols have been unfair initial token distributions, unsustainable interest rates, broken tokenomics, or poor team leadership. With our ecosystem, we are setting out to fix this. The first order of business was to make a really cutting-edge ecosystem to reward users.

The public testnet is a bug bounty program that will reward users when they find bugs. This phase shouldn’t take too long since we have done several rounds of internal testing before this and resolved all concerns. The way we are going to reward users is through bounty-hunting rewards in both USDT & MAXX tokens.

The second order of work is a legit major quality airdrop to thousands of users!!! Many will qualify, but many won't. So here’s how it works and what you need to know:

Freeclaim — The MAXX Freeclaim is going to check your wallet eligibility based on your holdings of 70+ different tokens, across 6 blockchains. If you are eligible for the freeclaim, you will be able to connect your wallet once we launch, to withdraw your $MAXX in the form of a stake!

How to qualify! — It’s simple, your wallet is scanned based on the following criteria to decide whether or not you are eligible for the freeclaim!

  • Size of the Wallet
    If it's too large or too small we do not qualify these wallets
  • Length Of Wallet Ownership
    If your wallet is too new we will not qualify these wallets
  • Activity of wallet
    Your wallet will be required to be active and being used, dormant wallets will not be selected

We have allocated 5 billion $MAXX Tokens (5% of the supply) that will be distributed to users and auto-staked for a year!

Follow this link to see if you qualify for the freeclaim!

Now have no fear, if you do not qualify for the freeclaim you can in fact participate in one of our activities through many of our platforms & get whitelisted for an actual airdrop which will come in the form of an active stake. We have already run 3 different airdrops and registered over 15,000 wallet addresses which will receive anywhere between 5,000–100,000 $MAXX tokens each!!!

To Participate in the airdrop!
Just follow our social links! Yep! That's it!
We announce giveaways and airdrops all the time, we will be doing this all through the launch on the DEX on January 1st 2023!

Now we are not a bunch of sheep, well most of us aren't…🐑🐑

The $MAXX team knows there will be lots of people trying to double dip and try to claim up all of these tokens so we have created barriers to protect this supply from just anyone being able to claim it! We have been bombarded with bots trying to claim all of the airdrop tokens.

To avoid this we will have the wallets cross-checked so that users can’t claim multiple times

Lastly, If we find you are spreading fud or some inaccurate information about the project we will remove you from the airdrop/freeclaim!

Last but not least, we have a referral leaderboard up and running, and using your referral link can bank a ton of $MAXX tokens which you can use to stake and earn more!!!

Don’t sleep on this feature as it's more powerful than any of the airdrops or freeclaims. This is not capped and unlimited the potential is endless, tell grandma & grandpa about $MAXX and earn 10% from freeclaims or 5% from amplifier deposits!!!

Thank you for the support! Be sure to copy the brand assets and set them as your social icons on your pages

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