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5 min readNov 21, 2022

We are pleased to officially announce we have completed our public round of security and UI/UX testing on the network.

There have been several intensive development stages building out the project over the last year, and we are almost ready to launch MAXX Finance.

11/11/22 at 11:11 pm — We announced the Public Testnet.

The protocol has been tested meticulously by MAXX team for the past 3 months by a team of internal developers, UI experts, and UX experts. The project has been audited & KYC’d by SolidProof, and the last step of the project was to have it publicly tested. We planned to have only two tests at 336x speed, after which we decided to double the testing rate and have the third round at 672x. All three events have been live-streamed on multiple platforms.

We anticipated that the public testing round would have between 50–100 people from the developer community. We did outreach on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and Discord. We had over 2,000 people subscribe to the testing mailing list and the telegram group grew to 350 people within 24 hours. Prior to launching round 1 of testing the group pushed over 1,000 users and we were live. At the time of writing this article our group is at 1,400 testers.

Findings ROUND 1: 11/12/22

The first round of testing was announced on Friday 11/11/22 @ 11:11 PM, and started the following morning — We had a group of over 1,000 people + whitelisted over 2,000 people to do the testing rounds. We specifically looked for solidity devs, full-stack devs, and UI/UX experts.

The first round was stressful, to say the least! We had a team that did not sleep the night before taking hundreds of requests during the process, although we wrote up instructional pages, many people still had questions that we would address. We added 4 extra moderators to the group immediately to deal with the additional load.

During this process, we had over 150 bugs reported (Many repeated), most of which were visual user interface stuff, which was to be expected as we decided to run this test and do updates on the fly. Only 2 issues in the smart contracts were found which would make the contracts more gas efficient.

Statistics: We had over 1,000 unique wallets that connected during round 1, and there were over 2,300 deposits into the amplifier. The users created over 1,900 stakes and we were very pleased with the on-chain activity.

Findings ROUND 2: 11/15/22

The second round would be deployed after we resolved all of the issues and felt we should test the protocol once again. We had a graph issue during round 1, which resulted in the amount of MAXX reserved for Amplifier participants not being shown. This was resolved for round 2.

There were also many changes in optimization to the smart contracts to be easy on gas fees. We also added a list view for Amplifier reservations, so users could swap between grid or list view.

There were no smart contract issues other then gas optimization that needed to be addressed.

Statistics: Onchain activity clearly went up as users started understanding how to set everything up since prior tests. We had over 1,500 unique wallets that connected, over 3,300 deposits into the amplifier, and over 1,500 stakes created.

Findings ROUND 3: 11/19/22

We decided to run one more round of testing at an even faster speed of 672x speed. At this point, we really began to ramp up the numbers and saw over 2,000 unique addresses connect to our dapp.

They made 4,782 Amplifier deposits, and within 24 hours over 2,900 stakes had been created. The total stakes now sits at over 5,000 only 48 hours later.

We built a statistic page to display all the values & data onscreen:

A leaderboard to give users some incentives to test the network:

A real-time activities page on the network:

No serious bugs or issues with the contracts have been found, and we believe that the protocol is now ready for mainnet launch.

The launch date will be announced to the mailing list of over 30,000 users as soon as it is confirmed. The team is certain that the smart contracts pose no risk to the community and the tokens have been transferred without an issue. We are employing multi-signature gnosis safes that will protect the MAXXVault (community vault), and all token reserves. We will update the smart contract audit with the auditors and proceed to deploy mainnet very shortly.

Fail-safe procedures: In the case that MAXX has any on-chain malfunction or issues we have a pause function feature that can be activated by 3/5 signatures. At any time during the process if we see there are any critical issues we can pause the contracts until we have investigated and resolved the issue. This will give us time to resolve any problems.

Godspeed MAXX And Safe Travels!

How can I get in on the MAXX Presale?
There is no presale for MAXX Finance, not even a private round. In order to make this as fair a launch as possible, we are launching via our unique Liquidity Amplifier stage. This will be the first stage of launch, and your best chance of getting the MAXX token early!
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