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3 min readNov 11, 2023


We’re thrilled to share some exciting news! Our Gitbook has been fully updated, and we’re introducing the MAXX Finance 2.0: The Community Network Phase. 🚀

This new phase is all about:

🌐 Empowering the community for project guidance.
🌱 Focusing on organic growth through marketing.
💼 Transitioning towards complete decentralization.
🤝 $EARN MAXX initiative: Invest time, earn tokens!
📣 Preparing for a centralized exchange launch.

Along with our new phase, we’re also rolling out:

🚀 New Landing Page: A fresh, user-friendly interface on our website.
💬 Transition to Discord: Shifting from Telegram to avoid scammers and enhance community interaction.
📜 More Smart Contracts: Continuing to innovate and secure our ecosystem.
🎨 Content Creation: Crafting engaging materials for wider distribution.
🌍 Community Initiatives: Strategies to welcome more members into our thriving MAXX family.

We have some major exciting things happening in the next month of December, there will be billions of tokens burned and this event will be something to celebrate! MAXX Finance is a living and breathing project that will live on forever. You can see how robust and well it works so far!

Our commitment: Distributing all MAXX tokens to you, the community, for true decentralization. 🌍

Remember, MAXX’s future is driven by you! Whether it’s alpha, omega, or anyone else chatting in the groups this is a community project, your participation shapes our journey. Let’s grow together and make MAXX Finance a testament to community strength! 💪

Stay tuned for more, and thank you for being the heartbeat of MAXX Finance. 💖

MAXX Finance Project Statistics Overview
After 283 days of seamless operation, MAXX Finance’s share rate stands at 0.915194. Currently, the project boasts 7,002 active stakes, accounting for a substantial 7.8 billion MAXX tokens. This represents 24.90% of the circulating supply, held by 4,448 unique stakeholders.

Additionally, the FreeClaim contract is nearing its conclusion, having successfully operated for 328 out of 365 days. This milestone reflects the stability and efficiency of the MAXX Finance ecosystem, demonstrating a robust and active community engagement.

Upcoming Burn Events
MAXX Finance is excited to announce two significant burn events as part of our ongoing commitment to a sustainable and robust ecosystem. These events are scheduled as follows:

December 18, 2023: Approximately 10% of the total MAXX supply will be burned. This event marks a significant milestone in our roadmap, reinforcing our commitment to long-term token value and ecosystem health.

Bitcoin Halving Celebration: Coinciding with the Bitcoin halving, we plan to burn approximately 20% of the total MAXX supply. This momentous event aligns with a key industry milestone, underscoring our dedication to the broader crypto community and the principles of decentralization and scarcity.


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