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3 min readNov 28, 2022


The best time to get into a new DeFi project is before it goes viral. This article is about the most exciting part of MAXX Finance protocol rollout. i.e. the early distribution of MAXX tokens. Instead of ICO or IDO, the MAXX team decided to run the stage in the fairest possible way.

Welcome to our liquidity transformation event called MAXX Liquidity Amplifier.

Welcome to the most exciting part of the MAXX Finance protocol, the liquidity transformation event through our Amplifier stage.

Apart from the Freeclaim, the Liquidity Amplifier is the first chance for users to get their hands on some MAXX tokens.

Over the next few weeks, users will have the ability to sacrifice their chosen amount of $MATIC into any of the daily lobbies in order to reserve a fair amount of $MAXX tokens and get into the ecosystem early.

MAXX is not having any private/public presales before this. This is your best chance to get in at a fair price!

Here is everything you need to know to help you prepare for this stage:

Stage 1 — The Freeclaim & Airdrop will deploy first, and will allow users to start interacting with our contract and claim their free allocation if qualified.

You can check the freeclaim checker and our airdrop checker in advance.

Stage 2 — Amplifier Stage — This is the portion where you can get access to the launchpad to sacrifice your $MATIC to enter the $MAXX ecosystem. In preparation for this stage it's important to accumulate your $MATIC tokens for this activity.

We have created guide videos to help you have an easy-to-use experience with the platform. For additional help you are welcome to join the main telegram channel where moderators will help you.

Stage 3 — The final stage is the deployment of the staking contract and liquidity deployed to a DEX to get the project staking & trading. This is where the ecosystem begins and the trading starts.

We have lots of partnerships, engagements & marketing that will be ramping up into these phases in different stages we will have lots of different applications of strategies. Welcome to MAXX and enjoy the ride!

Youtube Tutorials Video to get started!

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